Web Design & Development

I have over 20 years of experience in web design and development in Jordan. Websites play a significant role in business success, as they are a major window to the bigger world. Professional website design and development can help you showcase rich information, knowledge, reliability, and solutions that your competitors might miss. From simple business web design and pages to complicated web applications, we can support automation and integration of your business process into your website, aiming at organizing work and giving your customers a better understanding of your products and services, including social media integration.

We specialize in WordPress website design, website custom development, and content management systems (CMS). With WordPress, we can make managing a website an easy task, even for the technically illiterate. You can change the content whenever you need to without having to rely on a web developer’s schedule. We are also experienced with Joomla CMS and OpenCart e-commerce platform.

Many clients have specific features and requirements for their web design. We have experience in building everything from small WordPress, Joomla, and OpenCart plugins to entire e-commerce platforms. We work with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals to produce a custom feature that simply works.

Web development is related to building the website through coding, whether from scratch (custom development and design) or through CMS such as WordPress by creating a special WordPress theme from scratch. On the other hand, web design is related to layouts, shapes, font style, font size, color, or the overall look and feel of the website.”
We offer website design and development services using WordPress, we simply create a very amazing and unique WordPress theme for you that will help get rid of any plugins that you don’t need.

Why WordPress?
Using WordPress, website development and website design are way easier and faster, with WordPress you can easily create any type of website from easy-to-build websites to very complicated websites, in other words using WordPress you can create any website that comes to your mind.

Planning and Programming

Website Design and web development require a high level of planning and need recognition of the customers’ needs and expectations.

Web Architecture and Programming

To create your project efficiently, our web architects will investigate and decide the best technologies and standards, Our development utilize the international standards of HTML5, PHP, CSS3 and JS. And if you have any special preferences, or local corporate traditions, we’ll support your syntax in the programming code. Magora implements in work modern libraries and frameworks, from Colour and Styling libraries for the CSS, to Angular, React, JQuery, etc. We are qualified to do the third party code review and always ready to provide you examples of our code to be views by external experts. Doing our job heartily, we are proud of our client’s respect as well as of the recognition among the developer society.

User Journey and Design

Based on the detected target audience preferences and the created system requirement specification, we will draw the structure of your journey map.



Satisfied Clients

Your website should be developed professionally , easy to navigate , a powerful marketing tool, that allow potential clients to learn more about your company